FullSix Tries to Help Steve Jobs Fix the iPhone

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Perhaps it's because Steve Jobs' 3G iPhone is the single greatest handheld electronic device ever devised that its few shortcomings seem all the more, well, glaring. Copy and paste? Nope. Searchable e-mail? No. Picture messages? Well, no. Flash compatibility? Amazingly, no. Really?

Digital marketing firm FullSix is capturing some of the frustration felt by iPhone users, and attempting to crowd-source the solution, or at least get a little publicity for their budding mobile practice.

The website they've created, Pleasefixtheiphone.com, allows the iPhone faithful to tell Steve, or whomever, what makes them want to "slam their iPhone against the wall." Users get to vote on what Steve should fix first. So far, the site's wish list has 1,882 total wishes and 429,000 votes since the polls opened last month.

The top wish, with nearly 33,000 votes: "Lack of MMS support. People laugh at my iPhone because it's the only phone since 2002 that can't send or receive picture messages. Why am I ashamed to have the most advanced mobile hardware in the world?"

No. 2, with nearly 29,000 votes: "Copy and paste."

Making this more than just a gripe site, the FullSix guys are keeping track of Steve's progress with a list of "fixes," along with the number of people who requested the problem be fixed.

Naturally, due to the passions involved, FullSix had to implement measures to prevent voter fraud. The system watches for multiple clicks from the same computer, automated scripts and a "velocity filter" to block votes coming in too quickly.

As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.
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