E3 Trends: Social Networking, Controller-Free Devices Lead Buzz

What We Liked at the Annual Gaming Confab

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Armed with video cameras and microphones, the Ogilvy Digital Labs team hit the floor of E3. Here are some of our favorite trends from last week's gaming confab.

3-D Social Networks
Sam Bergen reports from the floor of E3 on the new features of Sony PlayStation Home. PS Home is a 3-D interactive social network that lives on the PS3, and it allows advertisers to provide valuable and relevant experiences to a wide range of audiences.

The Body as Game Controller
Microsoft introduced the transformational Natal technology. Unlike the Nintendo Wii and Sony's motion controllers, Natal will use players' actual bodies in real time to control on screen action without the need for any external peripherals.

Social Media and Live Gaming
Microsoft's Mark Kroese talks about how Xbox Live is now the largest social network on TV. Users are now able to post directly to Facebook and Twitter from Xbox Live, as well as play concurrently with other players in a new model for advertisers.

Marketing on the Console
Mr. Kroese talks about how the XBox platform has evolved as an advertising platform, easily allowing existing assets to perfectly live in the gaming environment.

Portable Gaming Becomes 'Digital Lifestyle' Device
Sony introduced its highly anticipated PSP Go platform. Building upon the PSP platform, the Go is the latest evolution of the PSP3000 in a smaller lighter form factor. It leaves the UMD drive behind for solid state memory, which is also expandable.

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