Google: What Do Consumers Want For Christmas? Bacon. Yes, Bacon

Interest in Bacon Peaks During Holidays, and Marketers Are Responding in Kind

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If you think that Christmas tree is the big heavy of holiday search terms, think again. Actually, think bacon.

My First Bacon plush toy from ThinkGeek.
My First Bacon plush toy from ThinkGeek.
According to Google search numbers, "bacon" (not including Kevin and Francis, of course) is one of the top trends when it comes to search that has increased in the last few years. Looking at the analytics chart, the bacon search term spiked right before Thanksgiving with people looking for recipes.

But, bacon lovers, don't despair. According to last year's numbers, the bacon's about to be back as people search for and order all kinds of bacon gifts as Christmas presents! Besides real bacon to eat, there's gifts from Ad Age Top Ten Brand ThinkGeek, where gift seekers can purchase the ever popular My First Bacon Plush talking toy or the Silk Hand-Painted Bacon Scarf or the Bacon Wallet.

There's something about bacon that Americans are loving in the recession -- maybe it's the luxury fattiness of it that comes from the frank and common nature of the pig. So whether you want to eat it, wear it, or gift it -- go ahead, you know you want some. For Google tells us so.

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