Google Is Ready to Sell the Nexus One, but Is T-Mobile?

How I Tried -- and Failed -- to Snap Up the Superphone

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Google's Nexus One phone
Google's Nexus One phone Credit: Google
It's Google Phone Day! And as a T-Mobile subscriber whose last two-year contract expired months ago, I was just the customer to buy Google's Nexus One "superphone."

By sticking with T-Mobile, the only carrier now ready to subsidize the Nexus One, and signing up for a new two-year contract, the phone will cost me just $179. So today I visited the site where Google has just started hawking its new device.

But after clicking a few buttons so Google could check in with T-Mobile on my plans, I found would-be Day One buyers may be stuck sitting tight.

"We are currently unable to process your request for service with T-Mobile," Google informed me. "T-Mobile's servers are busy or unreachable. You can try again later, or you can purchase the unlocked phone without service."

Here's hoping, for Google's sake, my fervor doesn't cool while I wait to try again later. I'm definitely not buying the unlocked phone for $529, enough to buy two six-inch Kindles, or unlimited travel on New York City subways and buses for the next six months.

T-Mobile's site, for what it's worth, refers Nexus One inquiries back to Google.

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