Jimmy Fallon Books Twitter Co-Founders Biz and Ev

Late-Night Hosts Use Twitter to Build Audiences, Ratings

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Jimmy Fallon is a Twitter fan. So it's no surprise that on Wednsday, two of Twitter's founders -- Ev Williams and Biz Stone -- will appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

Mr. Fallon, who has nearly 3 million Twitter followers, appears to use Twitter for a mix of personal and show-related tweets. For example, on Sunday he tweeted "go Zenyatta" in support of the famous horse running in the Churchill Downs. But he also has a feature on his show called "Totally Terrific Tweets," which show screenshots of Mr. Fallon's favorite tweets. He also takes questions for celebrities that he gets on Twitter.

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon Credit: NBC
Mr. Fallon has had a reciprocal bromance with geekstars, having appeared on Digg founder Kevin Rose's show Diggnation on Revision3. Mr. Fallon's guests have included the Digg founder as well as other tech execs like those from Microsoft Kinect offices.

Twitter is extremely popular among the new breed of late night talk shows. For example, the other Jimmy -- Jimmy Kimmel -- has even done a Twitter rap song with hip hop superstar Drake using real celebrity tweets as lyrics. And Conan O' Brien's Twitter fan base waged a grass roots campaign in his honor when his show was cancelled. His new show on TBS debuts tonight. This reporter is no stranger to interviewing Twitter founders -- here is a link to an interview with Ev, Biz and Jack Dorsey when Ev still had only had 90 followers.

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