Google's Nexus One Phone, Revealed

In Influencers' Hands, It's a Loaded Page-View Weapon

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Curious why so many seemed to know so much about Google's new Nexus One before its official rollout on today? Well, that's because VIPs like venture capitalist Fred Wilson have been carrying them around for more than two weeks.

Google's new Nexus One phone rolls out today.
Google's new Nexus One phone rolls out today. Credit: Google
"In mid December as holiday gifts and cards were arriving daily at our office, I received a gift from Google. It was a Nexus One," Wilson wrote on his blog, adding that Google asked him to "keep quiet" about it until Jan. 5.

We'll learn more about the pricing of the phone and Google's marketing strategy at a press conference this afternoon, but until then quite a few members of the digerati are giving the new Google phone a workout.

Wilson typed out his post on his Nexus One at the gym and marveled that, unlike Apple's iPhone, it can run multiple applications. The downside of not being an iPhone? Wilson said the Nexus One does not support multi-touch functionality (pinching) or the handy swiping motion iPhone users love.

AOL's Engadget also has a Nexus One and subjects it to an exhaustive geeky breakdown, including actually trying some calls and performance comparisons with the iPhone and Motorola's Droid. While it appears the mainstream media has to wait to see the phone, The New York Times' Miguel Helft does a good job unpacking Google's mobile strategy.

As for pricing, the widely reported number is $179.99 for a two-year contract with T-Mobile and $529.99 for an unlocked phone.

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