'Don't Cha' Think This Motorola Droid Ad Is Hot Like, Well, Randi Zuckerberg?

Motorola Uses Pussycat Doll Song For 'Business' Smart Phone. Where'd They Get That Idea?

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Irina Slutsky Irina Slutsky Android phones are selling like hot cakes, so it's understandable that Motorola would want to market its business phone, the Droid Pro, with a song matching the market's temperature. Unfortunately, the match up is strange -- the 32-second spot uses the old Pussycat Doll's "Don't Cha" song, changing the lyrics to "Doncha wish your work phone was hot like me?" The specification of "work phone" is awkward. Unless I'm, well, a pussy cat doll, I'm not sure I want to be "hot" at work. I want to be professional, fast, efficient. But hot?

At the end of the video, after screen shots list features like corporate email and global connectivity, and a manly voice announces the phone's swagger, there's an even more bizarre statement -- "Finally, a work phone worth taking home." Err, ok. Because all those other work phones I dragged home just aren't hot enough.

But besides all that, as a video producer in my former life at Geek Entertainment TV, I can say that I beat Motorola to it! A few months after the iPhone came out, we decided to use that song to parody the intense obsession everyone felt for the iPhone and the even more intense jealousy people who didn't own the iPhone had for those who did. Talk about anthropomorphising! Facebook's marketing director Randi Zuckerberg, Mark's sister, sang and I co-wrote and produced the video. Some of you may know Revion3 co-founder David Prager, who wrote his own rap lyrics for the song. The video was shot and directed by Nora McDevitt. I think we did a much better job than Motorola. Because, people, the iPhone truly was hot.

Irina Slutsky has been in the Bay Area tech scene since 2004. She worked as an old-school newspaper reporter in Florida and New Jersey. She was born in Kazakhstan, like Borat.
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