Pizza Hut's Viral Attempt: Two Days, 100,000 Views

Man Tries to Get Pizza in No-Delivery Zone

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Move over "Crazy Lettuce." Now Pizza Hut is trying to go viral.

In "Kicked out of a Pizza Place," from Mediocre Films, a man visits mom-and-pop pizza parlors, has Pizza Hut delivered and is ejected. The film, posted on YouTube and MySpace on Wednesday, had gotten about 100,000 views on both sites by Friday.

Pizza Hut worked through Zadby, a broker that connects marketers with viral-video producers. Zadby links marketers with producers based on the type of project and the number of views they're looking for. Clients are issued refunds if they don't get the audience promised, though Beau Brewer, general manager of Zadby, said they haven't ever had to issue one.

He declined to give Pizza Hut's investment in the video, but said it was comparable to the $25,000 Wendy's paid for its first viral effort.

"Kicked out of a Pizza Place" is one of three videos made to order for the pizza chain. Mr. Brewer said the other two have an additional 180,000 views between them.

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