Popular Mechanics: Five Ways the gPhone Beats the iPhone (and Five Ways it Doesn't)

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For anyone else who's been contemplating whether or not to go the G1 or iPhone route, Popular Mechanics has a good list. It's a must read and I agree with many of them -- I love the real keyboard and removable battery on the G1 but think the abnormal headphone jack is ridiculous (how hard is it to add a normal headphone jack?) and the G1's memory is ridiculously tiny. There were a few pros and cons I hadn't thought about as well, such as the offline integration with Google Apps on the G1. (Would this allow me to answer Gmails on the subway, even if I have to wait until I'm above ground for them to send?)

Of course, as I put aside my internal battle over which phone to buy, I realize the G1 may be a viable iPhone competitor but Android needs to be much, much more for Google to succeed in the convincing the masses to adopt mobile internet.

Which one will you buy?
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