Presidential Candidates' Internet Ignorance Is Showing

What Happens When You Don't Own the URL for Your Name? Ask Ted Cruz

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What happens if you don't own the URL of your own name? Ask the 2016 GOP candidates for president.

Democrats fare better in the URL buying game, but not by much.

Ted Cruz forgot to buy his name. leads to a photo of a smiling Hillary Clinton, with the caption "Next President of the United States of America."

Back in January, led to a page that read "Support President Obama's Immigration Policy."

Cruz settled for Since .org URLs generally redirect to registered charities, it is doubtful that anyone will find Cruz' site organically.

I reported several months earlier that Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz does not own They've had months to buy the name, but they apparently didn't bother, even at this late date in the campaign. And is also up for sale. In the meantime, I bought just for a laugh.

By the way, and are both available for $12.99. is registered but is available. And, yes, is also available.

John Kasich owns is for sale for $80K. But is for sale for $125K. redirects to, an anti-Kasich site.

Donald Trump bought the URL of his name, but not or He should know better, since he was involved in a cybersquatting case in 2012. A Brooklyn man ended up having to pay Trump $32K for developing websites parodying Trump's name.

Republicans are not alone in this problem. is available for $25K and is available for a mere $11.99. So is leads to a right wing site maligning her.

Of course, cybersquatting is nothing new. Microsoft, eBay and Dell are among the many companies that have faced cybersquatting.

But presidential candidates should, by now, know better.

Why is it important to own the URL to your name, plus all variations, nicknames, nasty versions and misspellings? Buying a domain is both easy and cheap. Here's what happens when you don't buy your name:

  • Someone else can buy your name and use it against you. (Ask Ted Cruz.)
  • If you only own .com, someone else can buy .net, .org, etc. and get a free ride from your marketing efforts.
  • Someone may buy your name and try to sell it to you at a higher price.
  • Someone may buy your name and abuse you by building a negative website. (Ask Ted Cruz.)
  • If you don't register variations, someone can register common misspellings and take advantage of your traffic that comes there. (Ask John Kasich.)

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