Think the Old Spice Guy Is So 2010? Think Again

'Return of the Old Spice Guy' Pulls Icon's Biggest First-Week Viral Numbers Yet

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After almost 200 original videos and millions of collective views, you'd think Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" might have overstayed his welcome. Well, think again! Turns out Isaiah Mustafa is still able to ring up the views for Old Spice.

The newest ads, featuring the sultry and shirtless "Old Spice Guy" (and anchored by a main spot titled "Scent Vacation"), garnered 3.4 million views last week, according to stats released by Visible Measures. That's the most first-week views ever for the Wieden & Kennedy-born campaign -- the original clocked an initial 2.1 million views, and its sequel, "The Return of the Man Your Man Could Smell Like," garnered 2.5 million.

The total views for the new "Return of the Old Spice Guy" campaign, as well as the two previous, reflects its "true reach," taking into account not only the main "Scent Vacation" spot, but also its two teaser spots ("I'm Back" and "Super Fan," which pulled a collective 1.6 million views), audience-driven reposts, mashups and other iterations of the videos.

"Scent Vacation" shows the now-iconic character in perhaps his most visually dizzying transitions yet. The 30-second spot moves him seamlessly (and with what seems like more CGI than ever) from a sandy beach to a snowy mountain top, even dipping him under water before leaving him lying seductively atop a piano, enjoying strawberries and chocolate fondue. It contributed 1.8 million views alone to the campaign's total last week.

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