When It Comes to Search, iPhone Smokes 'gPhone'

Long Climb for Google's First Android Phone

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Google's home page is the most valuable real estate on the web -- if Google would sell it. But while it won't sully the coveted search page with advertising, the company will use it to launch its own products, like the new Google-branded G1 phone, from T-Mobile.
Search results for 'G1' on an iPhone.
Search results for 'G1' on an iPhone. Credit: Greg Palmer
Will it help the G1 best Apple's iPhone when it comes to search queries?

Possibly, but the G1 has a steep hill to climb. As Silicon Alley Insider points out, Apple's iPhone was getting more than five times as many search queries as the G1 in September, including search terms like "google phone," "gphone" and "android" (the name of Google's mobile operating system).

That's to be expected. While the G1 got plenty of pre-launch attention in tech circles, T-Mobile's marketing campaign started when the phone finally became available to consumers this week -- just as a promotional link took up residence on Google's home page.
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