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Forget the David vs. Goliath Story Behind Cuil. Marketers Should Look at Viewzi

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Why try to out-Google Google?

The technology press has widely covered the launch of yet another search engine, Cuil, this one claiming to be more comprehensive than Google. Forget the allure of this David vs. Goliath story, but is what these companies do relevant to marketers?

One search engine that might be is Viewzi. Viewzi creates a highly visual experience that tailors the way you look at information based on what you are looking for.

So if you are looking for a video, you could see mini-videos playing on a wall of videos from different video sites like YouTube or Veoh. If you are looking for a product, you might see pricing and reviews from retailers in a comparison tool. Another option looks at websites as thumbnail previews you can flick through. Viewzi can also show sites in relation to each other using a slick, cloud-like 3-D interface.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of finding information.
Hashem Bajwa Hashem Bajwa also writes the Brain Sells Blog.
Everything we look for is different, so why present it all in the same static text-list format? Viewzi brings more intelligence to finding what you are looking for and makes it useful visually.

Whether Viewzi beats Google doesn't even matter. It's another tool a marketer's customers can use to find brands. It also shows how the web can be more visual, offering new ways of navigating sites, finding things and experiencing content online. For marketers, that could have implications for how websites and online advertising are created, perhaps becoming more visual, more contextual and even different for each user.
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