Shine to IAB: Focus on the True 'Bad Actors'

The IAB Leadership Is Clearly at Odds With Some of Its Membership

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Editor's Note: In response to an IAB column that ran Tuesday, stating that "Ad blocking at the network level undercuts consumers' ability to control the content they see and don't see," Roi Carthy, CMO at Shine, had the following response, printed here in its entirety:

Yes, the future of the internet is at stake, and for the first time, consumers have a say. Shine provides consumers the choice to protect themselves from the abusive practices of ad tech.

Numerous IAB members have reached out to Shine and are having thoughtful conversations with us on formulating a sustainable model for ad tech that does not put the consumer at risk.

The IAB leadership -- clearly at odds with some of its membership -- would be best served by focusing on the true 'bad actors" -- those ad-tech companies that draw in consumers, without their choice, into $7.2 billion of ad fraud in the U.S. this year alone.

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