Watch For the Convergence of Video and Community

We're Moving From Solitary to Social Web Experiences

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Something that's on my mind lately is the power of the experience. We have many experiences every day but the memorable ones are usually those that we share with other people. For me, this has included going to Dave Matthews Band concerts, skiing and spending time with loved ones.

On the web, experiences have mainly played out in solitude. Other than the instant message, Twitter tweet, comments through Disqus or communication via your recent social-network profile, much of the web is experienced by yourself, although concurrently, there are millions of other people surfing around just a bit or byte away.

I'm excited about the convergence between video and community. Online we can devour a lot of video, whether it be through YouTube or on, but the experience becomes exponential when you can have conversations and experience the content in real-time with a set group of friends or a larger chat community.

This isn't brand new, but what is starting to increase the velocity of this trend is the investment in digital video around communal events like the Olympics and political debates. I really look forward to seeing where this will play out. Where do you think it will go?
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