The Vine Accounts You Really Need to Follow

Video Artists, Not the Amateur Posts, Show the Potential of This Medium

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Last week I argued that marketers, and all of us, need to watch Vine video, not just make it, to stay on top of pop culture.

But if you sign into Vine and follow only your friends, you'll most likely see a lot of halfhearted attempts at videography that don't merit even three seconds of attention. To really understand the potential of this medium, you need to follow Vine artists, some of whom are sampled here. Several have created content for major brands.

Meagan Cignoli
Followers: 335,000
Meagan is a photographer and director. Her dog, Stevie Nicks, has 14,000 followers on Vine, and is friends with BarkleyThePom, a dog with 151,000 followers.

Jethro Ames
Followers: 32,000
This art director and Tribeca Film Festival winner specializes in stop-motion work and has created branded Vines for General Electric and The Coffee Bean.

Followers: 56,000
This creative tech geek enjoys animating with paper cut-outs, having done so for Peanuts, Snapple, and MTV.

Followers: 69,000
As a Vine artist who occasionally ventures into the surreal, Keelayjams has been dabbling in subversive "sponsored" posts that mock brands such as Monster Energy, Gatorade, and Campbell's.

Simply Sylvio
Followers: 82,000
This character study features a gorilla, or at least someone in a gorilla suit.

Will Sasso
Followers: 1.3 million
This comedian can deliver a punch line in just a few seconds, but you may spend hours longer wondering why tens of thousands of people think each of his posts are so funny.

Nicholas Megalis
Followers: 2.2 million
Can you come up with a six-second jingle? Megalis can, and his musical Vines may get stuck in your head.

Followers: 800
This quirky, bald comic may not be the most popular person on Vine yet, but he has been my single best guide, and he clued me into the talented Viners featured here.

David Berkowitz is CMO, MRY.
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