Why You Can't Watch MySpace Videos on an iPhone

Social Network Bypasses iPhone Platform -- for Now

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When you're the top-trafficked social-networking site in the mobile world looking to up the rich-media ante, it seems that you would try to create some kind of collision course with the country's top-selling phone, which also happens to be one of the world's best portable media players. Or not.

Social network Myspace.com said its users can now watch videos on some mobile phones. And the Apple iPhone, which last quarter displaced the Motorola Razr as the best-selling phone, didn't make the cut.

MySpace in a statement said it chose the most common video-streaming technology rather than the one supported by the iPhone and based its decision on research by industry analysts and its own mobile website traffic analysis.

Some analysts suspected as much and said they weren't surprised that technical factors prevailed but said it would be good business to keep the iPhone in sight.

"Clearly MySpace will have to support the iPhone. The objective is to get your app to run on as many platforms as you can," said Craig Mathias of the Farpoint Group.

The handsets supported by the service includes BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motorola Q9, LG Voyager, Nokia N95 and the Samsung Instinct.

Regardless of whether other factors were in play, some developers have deliberately bypassed the iPhone for business rather than technical reasons. Social music network Imeem went straight for the Google G1 phone when it launched its application. Steve Jang, Imeem's chief marketing officer and head of business development, said G1 users were a better demographic fit with its younger base and believed the open Android platform has potential for more growth than the iPhone.

Google is betting that Android will give the iPhone app store a run for its money amid grumblings by some developers about Apple's closed policies and forced use of proprietary systems.
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