YouTube Grasps for New Ad Model and Finds ... Post-Roll

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We've been hearing from Google CEO Eric Schmidt for a while now about some forthcoming revolutionary plan to wring more cash out of YouTube. And while no doubt there is some sophisticated thinking going on at the Googleplex, recent initiatives -- like bigger ads on YouTube's homepage -- aren't exactly rocket science.

Today Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee reports YouTube is starting to attach post-roll ads to clips, a move first telegraphed by the company in a WSJ story earlier this summer. Basically, a post-roll ad will play automatically at the end of videos with overlay advertising if the ad isn't clicked.

It's an incremental move, and will only increase potential ad impressions for videos already carrying overlay ads -- that is, the 4% of videos uploaded by official YouTube partners. YouTube has a hard time earning even the $15 cost-per-thousand price tag on those ads, so this is an attempt to add value to their overlay units. NBC is trying out the autoplay post-rolls to promote their "Sanctuary" web series.

Our question: Does anyone stick around for post-roll ads?

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