YouTube Launches Brand Protection Feature

More Control for Advertisers to Exclude Objectionable Videos, Genres, Channels

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For brand advertisers, YouTube can be a scary place, at least in theory. It houses the world's videos, after all, which include plenty of things a brand might want to sponsor (pet food for a funny cat video, for example) and plenty that most wouldn't.

Then there are issues unique to certain categories; a vegan food company would probably like to exclude every single "how to butcher a pig" video in their media buys on YouTube.

Enter YouTube's latest feature, "target excludes," launching as part of the site's Video Targeting Tool, which gives advertisers the choice to exclude as few as one video they don't want their product associated with as well as specific genres and channels. The feature addresses the most often-criticized aspect of YouTube: You can buy video there, but you never know what you'll get.

Other uses for this new feature by advertisers include improving returns by excluding channels or videos that are not relevant to the brand or those that are performing poorly.

"For example, if you are a makeup company and you know that Rihanna's concert is sponsored by CoverGirl, you may want to act on that information," said Shishir Mehrota, head of video monetization at YouTube. As always, Mr. Mehrotra declined to give an update on how YouTube is monetizing, but did say that the company has reached the point where ad revenues exceed its costs for delivering video.

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