Why Is YouTube Not Working in Chrome?

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I like Chrome because it's simple, fast and AdAge.com looks great in it. But today when I went to re-watch part of last night's VP debate to catch Joe Biden's reference to the "Bosniaks" (a real term for Bosnian Muslims, it turns out!), I couldn't get past the two-second mark in the video. It played two seconds and froze. What gives?

Now this has happened to me in Firefox in the past and a quick Google search suggested I wasn't alone. It's ultimately a Flash/browser compatibility issue. A couple other Ad Age staffers have had the same problem; our web producer Charlie Moran suggested downgrading to Flash -- that has worked for him.

But isn't it odd that it's happening in Chrome, Google's own browser? And it's strange that, as the world's largest video-sharing site, YouTube is having these issues. More to the point, how many views is it sacrificing when it fails to make it past the two-second mark?
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