The Kafka Questionnaire

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What political figure would you most like to create an ad campaign for, and why?

Vladimir Putin for Navy recruitment.

What's the new look for fall going to be?

Who cares!? But how about North Korean utilitarian with Kim Jong Il as the style guru.

What's the most useful character trait for_people in the ad business?

Flexible insincerity.

How would you advertise the next line of Firestone tires?

"Drive Firestone. Live every day like it's your last."

What issue would you like to create a public service announcement about?

That school children have a constitutional right to protect themselves with extremely powerful firearms.

What would be the best forum for the Gore-Bush debates?

A nudist beach.

What Olympic event are you most likely to_receive a Gold medal in?

The highdive.

What book has most inspired your career?

Bluffers' Guide to Advertising.

Which of the four Survivor finalists would_you want to use as an endorser, and for what product?

Richard Hatch for Duracell batteries.

If Snack, Crackle & Pop were cloned, what would their names be?

Smack, Crack & Pot.

What TV show would you admit to watching if we held a gun to your head?

Jerry Springer.

If you were to open your own agency, what

snappy name would you give it?

The Pickle Factory.

If people were to mistake you for a movie star, who would it be?

Sebastian Michaels.

What could Joe Lieberman sell, besides God?

Major League merchandise.

Which Sex and the City star do you most identify with?

Living in Bangkok, I'm sort of spoiled for choice.

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