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HP "Constant Change"

Every element in this spot is computer generated except for the humans' heads and hands, thanks to director David Fincher, who built the scenery and clothes from scratch along with effects wizards at Digital Domain. That means that scenery designers and costumers did their jobs as if on a normal set, but elements were then re-created digitally in the computer to be placed in the correct layer of animation. Filming the main actor in a black bodysuit against a green screen, animators used motion references and lit his face in-camera with a strobe-like effect so that it could be compatible with environments that change every five frames, gradually getting ritzier to demonstrate the effect that HP's technology has in the workplace.

Visual Effects: Digital Domain Graphics: Motion Theory/Venice Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CDs: Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson CW: Rick Condos AD: Hunter Hindman Director: David Fincher/Anonymous Content Director of Photography: Gary Waller Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors/L.A.

Saturn "Pac Man"

It's the classic video game brought to life, complete with white dots and bleeping music, this time starring an SUV instead of the round yellow guy. Even aerial views of the neighborhood look like a Pac Man level. The modern-day twist is that the power pellets are three dimensional, floating in air and casting shadows on the street. While the driver in the Saturn follows the power pellets to the grocery store, to pick up kids at the amusement park and soccer field, it's revealed that those items float too, but rotate in the air as well. When the car hits a floating item, it instantly appears in the car, to sit along with other goodies picked up along the way.

CD/Set Supervisor: Jerry Spivack Inferno Artists: Paul Geiger, Todd Hemsley, John Ciampa, Alicia Aguilera, Thomas Downs Henry Artists: Brian Shneider, Tina Eastlake Animator: David Sudd Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/S.F. CD: Jamie Barrett ACD: Mark Wenneker CW: Chris Ford AD: Stephen Goldblatt Director: Rupert Sanders/Omaha Pictures DP: Carl Nillson Editor: Neil Smith/Whitehouse, Chicago Music: Stimmung

mercedes "cloud"

A driver dodges the shadows cast by two cloud gods in this Armageddon-inspired CG-animated spot for Mercedes. Shooting the convertible in an empty desert, the composited cloud scenes could contain up to 100 layers of animation and digital stills culled from real cloud footage. While viewers witness an epic battle in the sky, the car's driver maneuvers the car by anticipating their moves, opting to put the automatic hood up just before the rain comes.

CG Supervisor: Russell Tickner CG Cloud Team: Robert Kolbeins, Andrew Daffy, Paul Denhard, Jamie Lancaster, Eduardo Schmidek, Rob van den Bragt, Ivor Griffin Telecine: Fergus McCall, Adam Scott, Kai Van Beers Flame Artists: Ant Walsham, Barnes, Bill McNamara, Jason Watts, Neil Davies, Phil Crowe, Richard Roberts Stefan Coory, Tom Sparks Effects Company: The Mill/London Agency: CCD/London Creative: Walter Campbell Director: Nicolai Fuglsig/MJZ

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