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Tom Arrix
VP of Sales, East

Tom Arrix is Vice President of Sales at Facebook and oversees media strategy, manages advertising inventory and advertising operations for the East Coast sales team. Previously, Tom was at Univision Digital as Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales and Marketing Solutions where he was responsible for rebuilding and managing revenue efforts. Prior to Univision Digital, Tom was the Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Services at CBS There, he worked for six years building the industry's top-rated Internet sales force that was responsible for all media, advertising and sponsorship revenues for CBS Sportsline and partner sites including CBS Sports,, and Before entering the media industry, Tom spent four years with Chase Manhattan Private Banking in New York.


Conn Fishburn
Director of Social Media Strategy

Conn Fishburn joined Yahoo! in early 2006 and serves as Director of Social Media Strategy, where he works to define, deliver and monetize the next generation of marketing relationships, user interfaces and brand experiences for key clients and their consumers around the world. As an expert in Social Media and Marketing he is a highly sought advisor and speaks frequently on these subjects.

For the past 12 years Mr. Fishburn has applied his innate understanding of the intersection between human behavior, technology and culture to provide insight and business-building work to some of the world's best known companies and brands, including AT&T, American Express, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dell, Kellogg's, LVMH, Motorola, P&G, Sony, Target, and Viacom.

Before joining Yahoo!, Fishburn was Senior Partner and General Manager of the Brand Integration Group (BIG), the award-winning design and brand experience division of Ogilvy. He was the co-founder and Director of dig, a creative research company, the Director of Brand Experience at Internet Appliance Network, an emerging technology company, and a Senior Brand Planner at Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners.

Fishburn graduated from Emory University with a dual degree in Social Theory and Creative Writing.


Sean Howard
Director of Strategy and Innovation
Lift Communications

Sean first communicated with his parents via teletype from inside the womb where he had recently gained access to the Dartmouth network. A hacker in college, he ended up in the military where he caused quite a stir riding his Unicycle to work. This prepared him to "work" as a Juggler by night and sleep on the streets by day. Then one day in a drug-induced Californian haze, he stumbled across the web. Calling it an "annoying fad", Sean would quickly change his tune in amazement as he was offered a paid position to BBS all day. Now he is a vegan in Canada with 5 cats where he carefully hides his technology and blog habit by masquerading as a dirty hippy.

To his amazement, he currently holds the position of Director of Strategy and Innovation at Lift Communications, a brand experience studio in Toronto, Canada.

Sean writes for the following online publications:
- Marketing Profs Daily Fix


Kelly Mooney
President and Chief Experience Officer
Resource Interactive

A widely influential thought leader and spokesperson in the digital and multichannel arenas, Kelly Mooney is industry-renowned for her uncanny gift to translate the complexities of the digital channel and consumer behavior into actionable business solutions.

A twenty-year veteran of consumer-centric marketing, Mooney is the author of two game-changing business books: The Ten Demandments: Rules to Live By in the Age of the Demanding Customer (McGraw-Hill, 2002) and The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World (New Riders/AIGA Design Press, 2008). Her latest book dissects the social web revolution—from the rise of personal brands to the online consumer's inclination to create, share and influence—and unveils the new strategic imperatives for brands to be O.P.E.N: on-demand, personal, engaging, and networked.

As President and Chief Experience Officer of digital agency Resource Interactive, Mooney inspires business leaders to welcome consumers into the value creation of their brands. She leads a company of award-winning digital marketing teams in the creation and development of brand-building consumer experiences for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, The Coca-Cola Company, Victoria's Secret, Sherwin-Williams, L.L. Bean and Wal-Mart. The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, Fast Company, CNET, USA Today, CNBC's "Closing Bell," Nikkei Business (Japan) and other national and international media outlets have covered Mooney's and Resource's work. Mooney also has her own blog—


Art Sindlinger
Starcom USA

In the advertising and media industries, digital technology is more than clicks – it's about connections. And marketers looking to harness the power of those connections, particularly in the way of online social networks (like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and beyond) have found Art Sindlinger and clicked "add as friend" to tap into his knack for social networking and smart analytical thinking. At Starcom, a Chicago-based full-service media communications agency, Art's talent for competitive analysis, marketplace assessment and strategic frameworks has paved the way for some dynamic agency work and deeper connections with people online.

In his current role, Sindlinger helps shape how Starcom thinks about, approaches and effectively incorporates social media and gaming elements into captivating contact plans. His work also helps clients understand how social media dynamics and gaming culture impact their brand communication strategies on a daily basis. He has his hand in several key agency initiatives, such as thought leadership; relationships & opportunities; consulting; strategy; and execution guidance. Sindlinger uses his capabilities to facilitate appropriate connections and achieve advantageous access for the agency.

Prior to his current position, Sindlinger has served as an IP director on Morgan Stanley/Discover Card and Miller, where he had broad strategic responsibilities including offline and online planning. In his role on the Miller account, he helped manage digital strategy for trademark brands Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft – the biggest brands in the client portfolio.

Making ideas actionable is what's most important in this business, and Sindlinger was a productive "best practices" contributor as a member of the team who won the agency's 2004 internal Global FUEL Award for Value Creation for Discover Card. He also made IP contributions to work that were honored by FUEL USA, such as the Sports Illustrated, ESPN Shorts and Maxim projects for Miller.

Sindlinger's propensity for leading by example has led to effective strategic efforts as he always proves and acts on his willingness to collaborate. In fact, he has worked on projects alongside parent company Publicis Groupe, digital creative unit Pixel and the agencies video activation team.

Sindlinger received a B.A. in English from Boston College in 1992. He lives in the Edgewater Beach neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and enjoys traveling in his free time.


Amy Worley
Director of Digital Marketing
H&R Block

Amy Worley is director of digital marketing for H&R Block Digital Tax Solutions. Her responsibilities include leading customer acquisition efforts for H&R Block's online and hybrid tax preparation products and developing H&R Block's digital brand.

Ms. Worley is responsible for H&R Block Digital Tax Solutions' online advertising, integrated search marketing, digital word of mouth and consumer engagement activities; all of which are designed to acquire new customers and to increase awareness and consideration of the H&R Block brand.

Ms. Worley has been with H&R Block for a year and a half. Prior to working with H&R Block she spent six years in account leadership positions at the interactive agency, VML, where she designed and managed interactive marketing initiatives for several B to B and consumer clients. During her last two years at the agency Ms. Worley was the director of the Microsoft account, leading the interactive efforts for the multi-agency Young & Rubicam Brands team.
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