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Creativity is the leading media brand of the creative community in advertising, marketing and design. Creativity provides a showcase of the best ideas across all areas of consumer culture, an exploration of the techniques behind the work and insight into the people and trends shaping the industry. Creativity Online provides the industry's foremost creative meeting place - with a daily showcase and searchable archive of the work that matters, news, opinion, analysis and audience feedback. Creativity is a sibling to Advertising Age, both of which are products of Crain Communications.

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What if I see something that's incorrect?

In the case of credits that need to be added or changed, please submit the corrections to the editors as follows:

1) Name (Client/Title) of the work item in question.
2) URL of the work item on
3) Credit changes, as they should appear on the site.

For example:

Hasbro: Let's Play

Please add:
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Bixby

Please Correct:
Copywriter: Jane Eyre (not Air)
Musical Artist (not sound designer): Peebo Bryson

Please Delete:
Editor: Paul Reubens

4) Things that will delay the process: re-sending an entire list of credits when only a few need to be changed, or sending requests like "Can you add Sally Draper as assistant editor to the Nike spot that you posted today?" Please follow above format as closely as possible.

I submitted a spot, when are you going to post it?

All work that is submitted to our database is posted as soon as possible as long as it meets our guidelines.

I submitted a comment about an ad, why doesn't it appear on the site?

We will remove any spam or comments we consider inappropriate - from cheerleading from those involved in the ad in question, comments that are personal or needlessly harsh and comments from those who clearly have an agenda either in favor of or against a particular item, agency or person.

Where do I send press releases?

Please send press releases to the editors.

I'm a TV/Radio/Print reporter who needs comment from Creativity. Who should I contact?

Contact Creativity editor Ann Diaz.

How can I promote my work?

Please fill out the form, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.


Creativity highlights the best in brand creativity and starting in February 2014 will also include a comprehensive industry-submitted database of ads from around the world.

What won't change
When you come to the, you will see Editor's Picks--our stamp on the world's best creative ideas and innovation in the brand space. We not only highlight ads as editor's picks, but also brilliant ideas, technologies, art and technique that can serve as inspiration for the brand world. This includes commercials, short films, branded content, music videos, print and outdoor ads, interactive campaigns but also extends to products, events, architecture, design -- anything that touches brand creativity.

What's new
A new Creativity database will allow the industry -- agencies, production companies and marketers -- to showcase and peruse a broad spectrum of advertising from all categories. This is a place for industry practitioners to share their latest and greatest work, as well as seek out work from others. We'll also be selecting Editor's Picks from this database. A new self-serve upload tool will make it easy for readers to share their work and the talent behind it with Creativity editors as well as the industry at large.

There is also the opportunity to promote your work across Creativity and Ad Age. (Doing so does not prevent it from also being highlighted as an Editor's Pick.) For more information, contact Danika Felt.

How to submit

Please email the Creativity team [email protected] campaign assests and a full description of the campaign. A release is always helpful, but if not available, please provide details on the premise of the campaign, brief from client, when it launched and where it is running. You should also include a link or attachments of all the assets in the campaign (see specs below), any links relevant to the campaign, and a full list of credits.

The Creativity team will then review and consider for featuring on the site. Note: We do not feature everything submitted. We only post ideas/work that we find creatively interesting, innovative and/or newsworthy, so please do make sure to make your case as to why the work fits the bill in your submission.

Asset specs:
For video/film submissions [Video]:
Size: Up to 1920px wide, 300MB max, with any aspect ratio
Acceptable file types: 3GP/3GP2, ASF (Windows Media), AVI, DNxHD (SMPTE VC-3), DV video, Flash Video, Matroska, MOV (Quicktime), RED Camera R3D, MP4 Video, MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-1, Ogg, PCM, RealMedia, VOB (Video Object), WebM

* Please include a high-resolution screen capture (72 dpi RGB jpg/jpeg, max. 2880 pixels wide) with each video submission that will act as thumbnail representation of the work displayed across the site.

For print/outdoor/design submissions [Photo]:
Size: 72dpi RGB / max. 2880 pixels wide
Acceptable file types: .jpg or .jpeg

For Interactive submissions [URL]:
For websites, please submit a URL and an image at the specs above. Ideally, you can also submit a demo video showing the experience at the video specs above. Please include a high-resolution screen capture (72 dpi RGB jpg/jpeg, max. 2880 pixels wide) with each video submission that will act as thumbnail representation of the work displayed across the site.


How do I subscribe, renew my subscription, or inquire about existing subscriptions?

Creativity access is available with an Ad Age subscription. To subscribe just click here or contact our customer service department at [email protected] or by phone at (877) 320-1721. You can also contact us via fax at (313) 446-6777 or mail Advertising Age, 1155 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207.

If you are registered on Ad Age or Creativity you can check your purchasing and subscription status on your My Profile Page.

If you are not registered, please do so, and you will easily be able to view your purchase history and subscription status.

It is asking me to become a Member. Is that the same as a subscription?

Yes. All Ad Age subscribers become Members of Ad Age and are eligible to receive additional benefits based on their Membership level. You can learn about Membership here or by our customer service department at [email protected] or by phone at (877) 320-1721. You can also contact us via fax at (313) 446-6777 or mail Advertising Age, 1155 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207.

How much does a subscription cost?

All Ad Age subscribers become Members. You can choose between any one of these three Membership programs, which includes a subscription to Ad Age in print,,, digital editions, access to Ad Age app for Smartphone and Ad Age App for iPad + additional member benefits. Your options include:

Basic Member: $109 1 year/ $174 for 2 years
Premium Member: $189 1 year/$284 for 2 years
Premium Plus: $329 1 year/$494 for 2 years

What if I just want a subscription and do not want to become a Member?

The Membership Program is based on standard price of an annual subscription to Advertising Age. Subscribers do not pay an additional fee to become Members. Therefore, there is no separate price for subscriptions vs. membership. You do however get additional benefits like premium product discounts, special treatment at events and access to various pieces of content based on your Membership level.

What if I just want to pay for a subscription Creativity and not a subscription to Ad Age?

There is no separate subscription price for Creativity, it's included with your subscription to Ad Age. You will have access to all the best in global brand creativity plus enjoy the late-breaking news, focused analysis and special sections as featured on

What other kind of subscription packages are available?

Group Subscriptions international subscription options are also available. For inquiries, please visit or email us at [email protected]

International Subscribers: Please click here for pricing for Canada & Mexico and the Rest of the World.

I'm trying to purchase a subscription but am having trouble, what can I do?

Call our customer service department at (877) 320-1721, or email them at [email protected]

How much of the content of Ad Age is free?

Visitors can click on three items within Ad Age and before they are prompted to register. You can read up to 7 full articles per month on, which includes Creativity-online.

How do I sign up for the newsletters? Are they free?

Yes, the newsletters are free. Sign up here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Visit our website's Privacy Policy page.

What are your Terms of Service and Usage Policy?

Visit our website's Terms & Usage Policy page.


I'm interested in advertising on Creativity. How can I do that?

First, visit our Advertise With Us page. For further questions, please contact Jackie Ramsey at [email protected] or 212-210-0475.

How much do ads cost in Creativity Online?

Different rates apply for different sizes and advertising frequencies. Our rates are available via our mediakit.

I am running a campaign on Creativity Online; what are your production specs?

Here are our interactive production specs.


I'm having a problem submitting work with the work upload tool. Who do I contact?

Please email Chen Wu if you have issues with uploading your work.

I'm having a problem logging in, why?

This could be due to various reasons. Is your Membership expired? Visit your profile page to check. Was your CAPS lock on? (Our passwords are case sensitive) You can also use the "Forgot Password" option on the log-in screen to reset your password.

If all else fails, call our customer service department at (877) 320-1721, or email [email protected].

How do I change my email address on your site?

Log on and visit your profile page. Change the e-mail address field and click "submit" at the bottom of the page. You will now be able to login with the new e-mail address.

How can I change my password?

Log on and visit your profile page. Enter your new password in both fields under "Create a Password" and click "submit" at the bottom of the page. Your password will be updated.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Visit the log-in page and click "forgot your password". Enter the e-mail address with which you set up your account and submit. Your password will be sent to the e-mail address.

How do I change my personal information?

Log on to Ad Age and visit your profile page. Change whichever information you choose on the page. Click "submit" on the bottom of the page.

Sometimes after having been on the site and I close out and later on go back in, I'm still logged on. Why?

This is because you didn't log out from the site. To log out of the site click on the "logout" button. If the browser is closed without logging out this way the browser will appear as already logged in when re-opened.

Can two people use the same login details?

No, each user must create a unique login.

An employee has left the company and did not leave login details, how can I update them online?

Contact Customer Service at (877) 320-1721, or email [email protected].

Why can't I view the videos on your site?

You'll need the latest version of Flash, available free from Adobe, to view the videos on our site.

Why does Creativity Online use a Flash player?

Flash allows us to compress video and keep the file size down and quality high. So we're bringing your better quality spots at comparable heaviness.

Can I embed your videos on my site?

Yes, but we request that you provide a link back to the original item in line with standard Internet courtesy. But please contact the editors if you're a specialty publication and want to feature content related to your line of coverage.

What if the work I submitted isn't showing up properly?

Contact Chen Wu with the link you are referencing and the problem.


Editorial Contacts

Creativity Editor: Ann Diaz, [email protected]
Creativity Reporter (UK): Alexandra Jardine, [email protected]
Multimedia Producer: Chen Wu, [email protected]

Sales Contacts

For questions about advertising on Creativity, contact Jackie Ramsey.

To send us snail mail:
685 3rd Ave, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Tel: (212) 210-0100, Fax: (212) 210-0111

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