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In case you thought he didn't like TV (or print) Lubars' top picks from the very fine Fallon litter.

Citi The work over the last four years. "A unique strategy and, I like to think, the work got better each time out. The client deserves enormous credit for wanting to be so unbank-like."

BMW Films "There was risk involved and I'll always be grateful to the client for the unwavering support."

EDS "Cat Herder" Super Bowl spot "Felt good to help turn what was then an off-the-radar, negatively perceived company into something cool and visible, overnight."

Sports Illustrated "You May Not Get It" trade/print campaign "Always have/always will love print and I was pleased this "down and dirty" tactical trade campaign was highly regarded. The client moved away from the campaign a couple of years ago, but has been talking about doing back to it. Hope they do-it still has a lot of life left."

PBS TV campaign "Storytelling feels right for PBS and I like the thoughtful nature of these stories."

United "From the post-9/11 work, featuring United employees, to the present animated campaign, we felt we were contributing something of consequence to help an important American company."

Holiday Inn Express "The 'No, But I Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express' campaign has been going for six-plus years now. I like that it's lasted and speaks to traveling business guys in a traveling business guy way. My favorite execution is "Jeopardy," where Alex Trebek has fun doing a piss-take on himself."

Lee "The Buddy lee campaign is also a long-running idea. You're probably sensing a pattern here; I like campaigns that go on for a while (unless they're horrible). We did our first new-media creative with the Buddy Lee Challenge videogame. BMW came a year later."

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