Design Highlights '08

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Roxy Paine's tree installation in New York
Roxy Paine's tree installation in New York
Paula Scher
Partner, Pentagram

The best conceived, designed, and expressed total idea, ever: Barack Obama's entire campaign, each and every part of it, including Barack Obama.

The tangible object that made me happiest: The artist Roxy Paine's stainless steel tree installation in [N.Y.'s] Madison Square Park. It was simply magical and I was sad when it went away.

The best New York City improvement: The bus shelters and public toilet by Grimshaw
Brian Eno's iPhone Bloom application
Brian Eno's iPhone Bloom application
Architects and Cemusa. The designs are clean, light, elegant and modern. They are beautiful lit up at night and unobtrusive during the day. What a relief.

Best photographs, or enhanced photographs, of buildings by starchitects that I have not seen in person and am not likely to any time soon: It's a tie between the National Stadium by Herzog & de Meuron in Beijing, China, and the Nordpark Cable Railway stations by Zaha Hadid in Innsbruck, Austria. The H&D photo shows a building with cooler lighting, but the Hadid photo has a groovier roof.

Best retail experience: The Apple store at the corner of 14th and 9th [in Manhattan], which includes my second iPhone with the white plastic back and 16GB. Hooray.

Geoffrey Cook
Partner, Base Design

The Spaulding TF 1000 ZK Pro basketball. It's artificial, but feels and performs better than leather.

Spaulding TF 100 ZK Pro Basketball
Spaulding TF 100 ZK Pro Basketball
The new jewelry line from Martin Margiela.

Obama buttons.

Wode Perfume by Boudicca. It sprays on as blue paint and the color disappears after a few minutes leaving scent.

Beijing National Stadium, "The Bird's Nest" by Herzog & de Meuron.

Debbie Millman
President of Design, Sterling Brands

My text messages from President-Elect Barack Obama during the campaign (Of course I have saved them.)

Brian Eno's Bloom application for the iPhone.

The Onyx Edition of Scrabble—black and silver tiles!
Onyx Edition Scrabble
Onyx Edition Scrabble

The blue Yoshitomo Nara clock.

Design Your Own Oval Kleenex Boxes (I have designed three different boxes for my friends, family and clients so far.)

Gary Hustwit
Director of feature films Helvetica and the upcoming Objectified

Bloom, Brian Eno's iPhone application.

Museum of Arts and Design identity by Michael Bierut.

Wim Crouwel "Vormgevers" poster reprint by Blanka.

Objectified film logo by Michael C. Place.

Aluminum MacBooks by Apple.

Scott Chapps & David Malina
Founders, ChappsMalina

Nike Flywire
Nike Flywire
Flywire from Nike: By combining tensile structures into the uppers of their shoes, Nike managed to reduce the material thickness, creating a lighter weight range of shoe, while maintaining the structural integrity. Old concept, new use. Very cool.

Venus, Natural Crystal Chair, Tokujin Yoshioka: The Venus chair is grown from tiny crystals submerged in a solution. Tokujin's work is fascinating and inspiring, and challenging preconceived notions of how objects come to be.

2Hot Jean-Marie Massaud for Authentics: Mill for pepper, salt and spices. You can create an instant spice mix by filling the desired ingredients through the opening and then grind away. It has been in daily use in the Malina kitchen!

Surface Table, Terence Woodgate & John Barnard for Established & Sons: It's uni-direction natural carbon fiber and 13 feet long. The material geek in us just goes "WOW." It's totally impossible without the help of Formula One engineering awesomeness.
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