Picking a Useful Topic for Your Class Project

Don't Waste a Good Opportunity

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It's spring semester, maybe the last before summer break or graduation. That means you're probably looking for an internship or full-time job. You have your syllabi, giving you a complete view of the projects, tests and papers ahead.

You want to do your best but also use your time efficiently, so for your marketing project you're thinking of picking as a topic a brand or topic that 's easy, or a brand you like. Maybe you'll just ask the teacher for an idea. Don't do it! Don't waste a good opportunity.

What kind of internships are you looking for? What kind of job do you want when you graduate? You can you use your project or paper to get insight into a company, brand, category or media channel. So when you're on an interview or sending an inquiry or application email, you have something that showcases your intelligence and creativity in a context that is relevant to the target company.

A few examples:

The potential employer's area of focus (Dgital media, print, sports marketing, branding);
The potential employer's client and client category (Coca-Cola and the carbonated beverage industry);
An audience behavior that is relevant to the company or industry (Social-media usage and behaviors by mothers);
Something that combines a second major or minor that differentiates you (The use of social-media-conversation analytics to predict financial performance of publicly traded companies).

Marketing projects and papers are some of the best opportunities you'll have to do something innovative, creative, stimulating and fun! Take advantage of them!

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