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Or How to Start Networking Before You Leave College

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Let's talk face-to-face with advertising professionals! How? Explore the myriad of opportunities available for undergrads to get up close and personal with the people who are doing the kind of work you hope to do. Whether it's through a school career center or another professional organization, participating in on-location events are the perfect chance to get a better idea of what type of working environment or position interests you most.

Your College's Career Center
One of my first experiences with an on-location event was through Baruch College Career Center. The Center invited advertising students to take a tour of ad agency Gotham . We were able to meet with the human resources director who walked us around the office and showed us the different departments including media, creative, and account. Afterwards, HR selected a few professionals to join us in a conference room to share their responsibilities in each department as well as their current projects. It was an inspiring, enjoyable experience and I recommend you explore whether your college offers similar events.

Other Professional Organizations
In case your college doesn't arrange these experiences, there are other resources you can turn to for on-locations events that benefit undergraduate students, such as Center for Communication. I volunteered for this organization one semester and discovered its valuable events. Its on-location events include a variety of New York City media companies including Digitas, Google, and more.

The Pay Off
Personally, I believe the best part of these events is that they are often exclusive to only about 10 or 15 students invited to attend. How do you like feeling like a V.I.P.? This manner of networking and meeting with HR executives increases your chances for landing an internship or job in your future.

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