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Tips for Settling In and Thriving

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This year, I got a new job at Multicultural Marketing Resources. Adjusting to any change takes time and you can imagine the excitement and anxiety that comes with starting a new job. When deciding to make a switch, especially early on in your career, you should always make sure you are learning and enjoying the challenges a new role can bring. You'll develop new skills and continue to grow. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you accept a job, and don't be afraid to ask questions about what the next step could be if you excel in the role you are taking. For instance, you can ask whether the person who had the job before you was promoted, and if that is common at that company to promote from within. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start a new role.

Unwritten Rules
Every job will have rules and office conventions that you will be expected to pick up as you go. In the real world, no one will be there to constantly hold your hand while you are on the job. From my experience, some companies are more fast-paced than others and you have to be able to keep up. If you have an hour lunch break, you may not be expected to always take it when there are urgent projects with approaching deadlines. I suggest closely observing your boss and his or her requests as they assign additional projects, and adhering to the schedules set by your boss and your coworkers.

Getting Along with Coworkers
In marketing, a discipline that is often practiced in teams, befriending coworkers is key. This does not mean you can all have a party at work and never get anything done. Coworkers help you along the way and you survive together as a family while working on never-ending projects. While I was being trained, my coworkers gave useful tips to save time or let me know what project or client is a higher priority. After close bonds develop, you start to lend a hand to each other and this is how a winning team is assembled.

Power of Prioritizing
Time management is important to be successful at your job. Be alert of deadlines and learn which clients, projects or messages are more critical than others. Each morning, I filter through my flood of e-mails and reorganize my ongoing to-do list. The faster you prioritize your tasks, the more productive you will be to get everything done.

Never Hurts To Ask
Ask for feedback to help you improve your performance. It never hurts to ask questions and I encourage you to ask rather than doing something wrong. On the other hand, I have heard this phrase that I personally like and agree with, "Ask me once, good for you, ask me twice, shame on you". This is why I advise you to take copious notes for future reference when you do ask the first time, and why having good relations with coworkers who are your peers can really pay off.

About the Author
Jessalin Lam is a 2010 graduate of Baruch College with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in marketing. After graduation, Jessalin took a position as a Sales Assistant for Empire Promotional Products. Lam was promoted to a Sales and Marketing Associate, responsible for developing strong relationships and selling various promotional products to clients such as GE, American Express, and Baruch College. Currently, she is working for Multicultural Marketing Resources performing sales, marketing and editorial assignments. In her spare time, Jessalin volunteers for Advertising Women in New York (AWNY) and The Advertising Club of NY.

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