How to Know When it is Time to Change Jobs

Moving On From A First Job

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Landing a job at the right company is difficult to do. The good news is you can be in control of this process as the author of your own life. When it is time to close a chapter and start a new one, you will know. How to transition to a new job? Here's my story of when I ended my last chapter and how I knew it was time to get a new job.

After graduation, I was offered a sales position. I was searching for a marketing job, but I realized sales experience would be beneficial and I decided to accept the offer. My boss recognized my interest in marketing and let me spearhead the email marketing for the company as well as social media strategies. I was eager to contribute more and immediately accepted the additional responsibility. It was an excellent learning experience to be proactive and teach myself new skills. I encourage you to always keep an eye out for new opportunities to continue learning and figuring out specifically what you want to do for your career.

What are some signs that you may be ready to make a move?

No Passion
If there is no passion for the job, it is a sign to start looking. Personally, I was not passionate about selling promotional products at my last job. While the position was beneficial as a starting point, it was time to find my passion.

The Need to Develop Skills
Since I felt there were limited opportunities where I started, I began to actively volunteer for Advertising Women in New York and American Marketing Association of NY Chapter to further develop my marketing skills. I enjoyed meeting other passionate marketing professionals and I realized it was time to look for a marketing job I would love. Although I was becoming more successful at sales, I could not see myself there for long term. It was not the right fit for me when I knew I was curious to learn more about the marketing and advertising industry.

The Right Work Environment
Happiness at work is important and it depends on what ingredients you are looking for to feel fulfilled at the job. It could vary from income, job responsibilities, room for growth, how a team works together or another factor. The work environment plays a significant role for me to be happy at work. When the work environment was no longer feeling right, I noticed a lack of motivation around me. Make a pro and con list and prioritizing what is most important to you when you decide to look for a new job.

Lack of Benefits and Perks
Many people do not have benefits at their job and I was fortunate to have medical insurance. However, there were few perks at my last job to offset some of the less enticing aspects. At my new job, I get free passes to client events and get to meet with clients. I suggest thinking about the benefits for staying at a job. Everyone should be rewarded once in awhile and the little factors can keep an employee happy in the long run.

Too Comfortable to Change
Changing a job you have been doing for years that has a level of comfort and security is not easy. However, it is not always good to stay too comfortable. I encourage you to always keep your eyes out for new opportunities and take risks. If the job is limiting you from taking risks or challenging yourself, it is time to step out of the comfort zone.

Remember, a job does not have to be an everyday burden. It can help you fulfill your purpose in life if you find the right one. If you do decide to quit your job, be honest with your boss or manager about why you are leaving and give them a proper amount of notice that you'll be leaving. You don't want to burn any bridges.

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