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DoubleClick loses its contract to sell iWon ads

IWon (, a portal that motivates users with cash giveaways, is bringing ad sales in-house from DoubleClick. DoubleClick, which trumpeted winning the one-year contract with the CBS-backed portal (AA, Oct. 1999), now will sell space on iWon only as a site within the DoubleClick Network, which it has always done, and no longer as a standalone branded site. IWon's sales staff, led by Exec VP-Sales Evan Sternschein, will sell the iWon brand. Earlier, CMGI's AltaVista Co., previously DoubleClick's biggest client, announced it, too, was ending its sales contract with DoubleClick and bringing ad sales in-house.

RadioWave streams chat for Microsoft's MSN

Microsoft Corp. has selected to provide streaming audio technology in MSN's chat rooms. Under the deal, MSN Chat Radio, powered by RadioWave, will enable users to listen to and purchase music online. RadioWave will create and distribute 40 music channels to MSN that correspond to MSN's chat room categories. RadioWave-developed iSpots, or online audio ads, will also be integrated into the MSN chat rooms.

Quios launches wireless, ad-supported service

Wireless communications company Quios today launches PlanetQuios, an ad-supported service in which mobile users subscribe to news and entertainment updates delivered to their wireless phones. The messages are sent using Short Messaging Service, a standard wireless phone feature that allows people to send short text messages. While no advertisers have signed up for the service, Quios ( was talking to Grolsch beer, Sega of America Dreamcast and, which tested the service in June by sponsoring alerts for Euro 2000, a European soccer championship tournament. The tournament generated 35,000 subscribers and delivered 2.5 million alerts.

PlanetQuios draws content from people who sign up for the service as reporters, submitting their reports from wireless phones or online. Reporters, who cover events ranging from the bar and party scene in a particular city to bird watching, are ranked and graded on the quality and accuracy of their reports, said Quios CEO Marc Vanlerberghe. "Someone who's abusing the system will get crushed immediately," he said. "There's no place to hide," he added, explaining that people's identities are tied to their wireless phone numbers so they can't easily switch screen names. Quios, which doesn't

have an agency of record, is considering launching an ad campaign by yearend.


Engage will offer Unicast's Superstitial online ad format across its divisions, including Engage Media, Engage Business Media and Engage Enabling Technologies, under an extension of a deal between the two companies. . . . Broadband infrastructure company FastForward Networks today announces a partnership with Kasenna, a spinoff of Silicon Graphics that builds streaming media capabilities. FastForward earlier announced deals with Digital Island and RealNetworks' Real Broadcast unit to provide software to stream on-demand and live content for large audiences. . . .Some 50% of pharmaceutical companies said they planned on increasing their Web budgets by 25% of less in the next year, according to a study released last week from Jupiter Communications. The majority of drug companies' online dollars go toward product-specific sites and capturing consumer data, despite research that shows less than 25% of consumers said they'd share personal information with a drug company. . . . Reflect.

com cracked the top three online beauty-care sites less than nine months after its December launch and is logging more than 500,000 unique visitors a month, Procter & Gamble Co. Chief Financial Officer Clayton Daley said last week at a Prudential Securities consumer products conference in New York. About 20% of the site's business comes from repeat purchases.

Chat. . .

Three months till Christmas: New media agency, Los Angeles, will open its doors Sept. 25. The company will offer ways for companies to target youth-oriented brands online through entertainment that allows kids to sample products. Its site is expected to go live in October.

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