CYBERCRITIQUE: Crown Royal splashes down cleanly, cleverly

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MARKETER: Seagram Spirits & Wine Group

WHERE TO FIND IT:, Playboy Online and elsewhere

CRITIQUE: Finally, an online ad campaign to which we can drink.

Every time we look up to find Web services Network Solutions or Zixit Corp. near the top in impressions, we wonder about the state of online advertising. We wonder where the 100 Leading National Advertisers -- the mainstream businesses with ad budgets in the megamillions -- have put all their banners. Sure, they have Web sites, but many companies do little to promote them.

The market segment that has surprised us most by its absence is spirits manufacturers. With little or no regulation in this medium, we expected them to be all over the place buying at cheap cost per thousand impressions and taking people to their, in general, very advanced promotional Web sites.

We can think of countless examples of great -- or at least ambitious -- Web sites: Miller with its "Dick" site early on; Anheuser-Busch with its online Bud Bowl; Bulmers America's Cider Jack with its current TV spots and Web site tie-in. But still no banners.

Enter Seagram Co.'s Crown Royal, making a splash in a big way with a huge vertical banner running on men's lifestyle sites. The banner promotes an online contest that can be entered by merely clicking through.

The banner itself features, in typical Digitas style, not only a solid call to action, clean design, clever text, but the Crown Royal signature. Branding elements abound.

All of this boils down to a solid promotion tying together various parts of an integrated Web campaign -- one that earns Cyber Critique cheers.

WHO CREATED IT: Digitas, New York

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