CYBERCRITIQUE: Lexus lets users create custom TV commercials

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MARKETER: Toyota Motor Corp.'s Lexus Division


CRITIQUE: Ever wondered what makes a good interactive campaign? Good banners? A fun micro site? Contests? Product information? Cross-media tie-ins? This Lexus Division promotion has it all.

Light text over a catchy orange color quickly draws eyes into the banners. The first screen, asking "What can you win for creating the best Lexus commercial," and the following animation humorously tell that a car could be your prize. Aside from humor, copy has style, mystery and a call to action.

The micro site behind it collects a little user information, then allows the entrant to put together different video and still elements to create a Lexus commercial using a slick Shockwave interface. The user learns about the Lexus while playing with the video features and dissecting a TV spot. The winning spot will be aired on ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," probably sometime in June -- an event that surely will draw some press attention itself.

Here's a site that draws users in to play with the advertising itself, generates mineable data on them and ensures they'll spend some quality time getting to know the product in a fun atmosphere. All in ways that could never have been done before the Internet. It's the kind of thing we like to see, and the kind of thing we expect to see more of as those old-school,

offline companies who best know advertising quit dipping their toes in the Net waters and finally sink in hip deep.

WHO CREATED IT: Team One Advertising, El Segundo, Calif.

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