CYBERCRITIQUE: Mitsubishi hits bull's-eye with flashy microsite

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MARKETER: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America

RUNNING ON: Car & Driver, AutoWeb and search engines

CRITIQUE: Escape. We all want to some days. Given the choice between sitting in front of a beige computer or sitting in a convertible somewhere sunny, most people will choose -- as Mitsubishi exhorts -- to "Wake up and drive."

The microsite that Mitsubishi had the irritating foresight to launch in the dead of winter for its new Eclipse Spyder nails the point home. Animation using Macromedia's Flash streaming technology asks the question, "If there was a button that could change the way the world sees you, would you press it?"

As the button gracefully appears, it's so tempting that you press it. A black screen folds away like the top of a convertible to reveal palm trees and a blinding sun. You start to think: Aren't warm days like this the real reason they invented laptops and cell phones?

Yes, the microsite is everything it could be: dynamic and powerful with a definite wow factor. The banners on the other hand -- the ones that are supposed to drive you to this flashy little application -- fail to capture the exhilaration of the car. Granted, animated GIFs are not as flexible as Flash, but even the copy about the "button that could change" is more inviting.

This campaign is designed to induce an emotion, but the banners fall a little flat by failing to give even a hint of the sunshine on the other side of the click.

WHO CREATED IT: iDeutsch, Marina del Rey, Calif.

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