Cybercritique: Pontiac drives winning strategy straight to target

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MARKETER: General Motors Corp.'s Pontiac


CRITIQUE: It's very rare to find an advertisement these days that does just about everything right on the Internet. As far as a static, non-interactive banner ad goes, this one scores about all of the other points possible.

1) The marketer's logo is in every screen of the ad. There's no mystery that this is a banner for Pontiac. It could be a touch more visible, but at least it's there. Nothing is gained by making surfers wait to figure out who is talking to them in a banner. Put your logo out there and then let the message tell what it needs to be said.

2) The product is visible in every screen. So this banner is not only being direct about who's doing the talking, it also is very obvious about what is being talked about.

3) The call to action is a good one: Win. For nearly five years, the Cyber Critique staff has repeated the mantra: Free stuff is good. Pontiac could take it a step further and have Web surfers enter the contest within the banner space. Then they'd be almost batting a thousand in the Cyber Critique realm.

4) Even with all this good stuff on-screen from the outset, there is still a dominant visual element -- the "x" and the motion around it. It's eye-catching. Once the eye is there, it can see all the other good stuff.

5) The media buy places it on, which is perfect to reach the target audience.

So all we can really say about this banner is that overall it's an x-cellent x-ample.

WHO CREATED IT: Digitas, Boston.

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