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As Y-2-K ends,

we thought we would examine

the year's best and worst.

A lesson each month.

Twelve total ... Plus some extras.

In haiku-just 'cuz. ...

1) MediaPlex put

live pricing data into

dynamic banners.

The implications

bode well for real-time selling

in the banner space.

2) Certain industries

had been strangely missing from

online ad efforts.

Our spirits were raised

as Crown Royal brought liquor

to the banner space.

3) Coke and Nike both

have great logos, quite well-known

Spread them everywhere!

4) Uproar and Bonzi

blanket the 'Net with flashing,

misleading banners.

Trick click-throughs don't count.

`Error message' ads are lame.

Gimmicks aren't good ads.i

5) A call to action,

well-placed logo and free stuff:

a winning formula.

Coupled with tie-ins

to TV spots, Lexus ads

get it all perfect.

6) When building banners,

use as few animations

as is possible.

We can make our point

in seventeen syllables.

Make yours quickly, too.


crossed a slim, delicate line:

Cutesy, not just cute.

8) Extra-long banners

beg the obvious question:

"Does size really count?"

9) Ads with sound, run by

Twix on ...

We heard that clearly.

Opt-in audio:

something we hope to see more

in banners next year.

10) IBM took aim

and flung mud at rival Sun

but made its point, too.

Negative ads can

make positive points as well.

So no harm, no foul.

11) Mitsubishi's Flash

site for its convertible

Eclipse made us swoon.

12) We have seen lines blurred

on some content sites this year.

Many red flags raised.

May separation

of church and state gain more strength

in new media!

Time for some gazing

into our magic eight-ball

what will next year bring?

Wireless? Maybe.

But only to deliver

opt-in messages.

More use of Flash ads?

That we'd like to see next year.

Liven up the Web.

Ad budgets shrinking ...

Which could be good for online.

Cut costs; keep branding.

More traditional

marketers should buy the Web's

lower CPMs.

So, take what we've learned

and make online work for you

in two-thousand-one.

We'll take your online

ads apart-constructively,

in CyberCritique.

by matt carmichael

[email protected],


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