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Everyone on the Net talks about bells and whistles. Nowadays, it's usually a term of derision, but it's interesting when considering just how little sound is incorporated into the Web in general -- let alone into Web ads.

Yet a little sound was all it took to make several geeks stop and say, "Cool." How many other banners let you blast a Wall of Sound over your cubicle wall? OK, so maybe it's not a Les Paul signature series, but the SonicNet Java-based guitar banner is worth a pick or two.

The ad features a guitar and a movable pick that allows chords to be plucked to hear how they sound. Users can even change chords to really rock out.

Silent movies were limited, yet that's really the medium Web ads are closest to these days: Like TV, no way, but certainly more animated than print. As in pre-"talkie" flicks, screens come up with text to give some framework and context to the images. Advertisers would love to do more, but it's a little hard to send an organist to every user to jazz up the silent content.

Until online audio becomes more technologically sound, though, companies such as SonicNet that can make creative and meaningful use of sound will still stop users in their tracks.

WHO CREATED IT: Freestyle Interactive, San Francisco

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