Star Car

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It may be only half as roly-poly as a regular Bug, but the VW Beetle convertible is still one friendly, quirky little ride - something VW agency Arnold kept in mind when creating an owner's guide for the new car. The glossily colorful booklet approaches Beetle ownership from the outside in, emphasizing and exploring the things that convertible owners will be party to as they drive en plein air. Arnold creatives Adele Ellis and Susan Ebling Corbo had already worked extensively on the launch of the new Beetle and had created, appropriately, the outdoor work for the campaign. They immediately leapt on the notion of the increased activity and outside interaction afforded by the car and made that, rather than the car's buttons and knobs, the focus of the piece. The book's bright color palette is drawn from the color of the cars themselves and other print executions. Inside, photos of nature are mixed with primary-looking illustrations and constellation guides. The booklet is also packaged with a portable star chart and some birdseed. "We gave the whole thing a fun textbook sort of feel," says Corbo. "Lots of useful info, but still keeping it conversational and, hopefully, enjoyable to get through."

CD: Alan Pafenbach; AD: Adele Ellis; CW: Susan Ebling Corbo Print Producer: Aiden Finnan; Art Buyer: Andrea Ricker; Illustration/Design: Adele Ellis Star Chart Illustrator: Rob Dunlavey

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