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Dotting all the informational I's

Paper company Domtar's third and latest promotion in its ongoing Answer Pack series is "On Dots." After all, "even the most complex, brilliant print pieces all come down to dots," notes Domtar. Designed by Chicago's Petrick Design, "On Dots," using Domtar Solutions, Nekoosa Linen and Sandpiper papers, "aims to show designers ways to produce exciting work with a little dot savvy and the right paper selections." Demonstration cards cover everything from the fundamentals of dot size and resolution to advanced dot printing techniques for special effects. Previous Answer Packs were titled "On Color" and "On Texture"; onward, Domtar! See for more info.

Client: Domtar Design: Petrick Design Principal: Robert Petrick Senior Designer: Tracy West Photographer: Tom Maday Printing: Active Graphics

The Lane to Manhood

Here's an unusually fine-targeted print piece, seen in the metro New York edition of Jewish Weekly, promoting the local Chelsea Piers sports complex as a party/event destination on behalf of AMF Bowling. Yes, a bar mitzvah at a bowling alley. Eat a matzoh ball, roll a gutter ball, why not?

Client: AMF Agency: Eisner Communications/Baltimore ECD: Steve Etzine ACD/AD: Helen Goldring CW: Jon Helfman AD: Helen Goldring Photographer: Mark Davis

Rockin' With Option-G

L.A.-based Cole Gerst is a graphic designer and painter whose posters are hand-drawn before being scanned into the computer for final color balance and the like. The printing is either silk-screen or offset, in limited-edition runs of usually 100 or less, he explains, making them quite collectible. Although the posters may be commissioned by the venue, promoter, musician or management, "I have complete artistic control of the imagery and printing processes, and I try to interpret the band's music while still maintaining my own style, which is heavily influenced by untrained and self-taught artists." Gerst grew up in Albany, Ga., "surrounded by many outsider and folk artists, including my grandfather, a respected local craftsman. I enjoyed many of these artists' fantastical stories about faraway lands, or conversations with 'higher powers'. I was inspired by their ability to create art that revealed the world as only they saw it." Formerly art director at House of Blues Entertainment, he now heads design firm Option-G (, which specializes in designing music packaging and collateral for artists in a wide range of genres, from Eminem to Patsy Cline.

An Inviting Invite

This is the paper invite for last month's New York book launch party for Transculturalism: How the World is Coming Together, a True Agency publication from PowerHouse Books. True Agency is a bicoastal strategic and creative agency that specializes in targeting "transcultural" markets. The book, by Claude Grunitzky, editor of Trace magazine (themed "Transcultural Styles + Ideas"), is a colllection of Trace articles and interviews. The invite illustration, which is picked up from a design motif in the book, is by Illdesigners, with design by Frenel Morris of Double Penny.

Roger White's Martha Valentine

Roger White, a New York-based motion graphics designer and 3-D artist who has the distinction of having designed the opening graphics for The Late Show With David Letterman, was rather prescient in his recent Valentine's Day self-promotion. "I usually create a Christmas card for clients and friends, but this year I decided to do a Valentine as well," he explains. "My inspiration for the Martha Valentine image was her hair. Watching her shuffle in and out of court earlier this year, she seemed to be hiding behind her hair rather than pulling a jacket over her head." Did he expect his card to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? "I think everyone wants to take Martha down a notch but I never dreamed she would go to jail. I just tried to imagine how Martha would create a happy little Valentine with paper for her magazine. Martha loves paper cutouts and wallpaper, but in this image they rule against her." White also regularly creates promotional holiday cards for clients and family, with heartwarming images like a dog humping Santa's leg. "Sometimes they're printed on card stock, but usually I print them at my local one-hour photo. I love kitsch, and a photo card is the perfect format for delivery of a tongue-in-cheek image."

This Year's Model

Minneapolis agency Gabriel deGrood Bendt has an ingenious new self-promo in the form of an owner's manual. "You get them with a toaster or a VCR, so why not an ad agency?" wonder principals Tom Gabriel and Doug deGrood. Nevertheless, it's a hell of a lot easier to read than a real owner's manual. It nicely illustrates the basics of working with the agency, and it includes a troubleshooting guide, partner specifications and a five-year limited warranty.

CDs/CWs: Tom Gabriel, Doug deGrood AD: Mark Zukor Illustrator: Kevin Seline


New Orleans design/photography studio Louviere + Vanessa's foldout poster promo is a two-sided study in somberly sensual sepia. " 'Slumberland' is a fine-art photography project that explores the duality between the secluded nature of dreams and the common ground of sleep, through surreal tableaux vivants," explains Jeff Louviere. "The poster was designed for galleries, as well as agencies that use fine art. We're just now starting to exhibit the photos, and we wanted to create a memorable introduction. The large format was chosen to showcase the usual scale of our printed pieces-a gallery owner can tack it up to get a sense of it on the wall-while the back is designed to show the scope of the work and its relation as a whole." See for more.

AD: Jeff Louviere Photographer: Vanessa S. Brown CW: Annie Wedekind Printer: Brennan's Printing

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