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Though stock photography company Imagestate wasn't debuting a new collection, they decided that it was time to debut a new website, which launched early this spring. "Our brief was to draw attention to their best content by creating something with impact that would be memorable across media, renewing interest in the company," says Nicky Gibson, art director at Poke London, which was responsible for the redesign. "Essentially, we were there to inject some new life with an unexpected new look, attract attention and get the audience excited about the photographers' work available at the site." The old blue-themed site was not as appealing to creatives, according to Harry Mole at Imagestate, and so the main goal of the redesign was to create a complementary showcase for images.

"To help us do this we created a simple gateway page that features new and interesting photographers' work alongside the latest and best from the CD and Flash stores," says Gibson.

" We wanted to create the feel of a 'cover' for the site, showing images of contrasting content and complementary color-something simple and elegant. We wanted the new site to introduce inspiration for creatives rather than simply provide fast image searching. The site followed very tightly the skeleton of the previous site; functional elements had to remain consistent from page to page. However, the scope to change the overall personality of the space was in the application of the new branding to the choice of feature imagery."

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