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Well, it's got a cute scenario: a rock star, cleaned out by his ex-wife and her lawyers, who needs to refurnish in a hurry. And it's got the celebrity casting, with the actor Richard E. Grant and Julia Sawalha of "Absolutely Fabulous" fame.

The only thing wrong with the Argos catalog spot, by Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, London, is ... everything else.

The notion is that you can completely set up housekeeping worthy of a pampered star by just choosing among the 5,000 items in the Argos catalog. But this ad is so busy focusing on Grant's histrionics and Sawalha's put-upon reactions that it neglects to show either the scale of the problem-the emptiness of the empty flat-or, more importantly, the genius of the resolution. We scarcely get a glance at the supposedly designer-worthy Argos furnishings.

And, by the way, what exactly is happening? Why is he in his apartment moments before his tour begins? Why is his manager barging in with a T-shirt? Why is he holding a guitar? And why does anyone think the payoff joke-when she pretends the ab-fab decor is the work of a Lithuanian designer named Argoos-is even remotely funny?

With the kind of money that went into this commercial, there's no excuse for such sloppiness.

Argos catalog

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, London

Ad Review Rating: 2 stars

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