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Somebody went to a whole lot of trouble to rig up some amazing fake power tools for this series from Reno-Depot, the Quebec hardware superstore that isn't Home Depot.

One spot from Diesel, Montreal, features a dual-blade chain saw that doubles as a paint roller and triples as both a toilet plunger and an air compressor for blowing up a giant rubber duck. Another commercial features a lawn mower that carves lovely relief patterns in the lawn, has a built-in sprinkler and molds the clippings into mulch logs suitable for your fireplace. Another spot is for a shop vacuum that also blow-dries your hair and pops corn.

All the fake products toe the line between absurd and actually useful, and each is based on a prototype that-as the saying goes-really, really works.

The payoff for all of this funny business is the tagline: "If it existed, we'd have it," which is a roundabout way of saying "check out our vast inventory of power tools."

Too roundabout, actually. The spots are funny enough, and the effort admirable, but doesn't Reno-Depot have a more inviting story to tell? Why spend time and money telling consumers you are one-stop shopping for the non-existent? Parti Quebecois did it for 30 years and see what that got them.

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Independent Diesel, started by students in 1993, calls itself a "com and dot-com" agency.

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