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Absolut, the vodka, owes a lot to TBWA. In fact, it owes everything to TBWA, because-after all-vodka is vodka, and yet people still order Absolut. This is entirely due to the bottle-shape campaign, one of the greatest in advertising history.

The print campaign was always a little arch, but now the iconic brand goes absolutely goofy in a series of mock film trailers running as cinema ads in Latin America and elsewhere. TBWA/Chiat/Day calls the campaign "Absolut Pictures" and it consists of five broad parodies of a recognizable genre (Bollywood) or director (Pedro Almodovar and Guy Ritchie).

In fact, those three are pretty much dead-on, filled with all the cinematic mannerisms you'd expect from the real McCoy. The other two are also filled with familiar images and conceits, but are hard to pin to any single source. All of them, however, are filled with the Absolut bottle shape, embedded semi-wittily here and there.

The key being "semi." While the parodies are OK, and perfectly smile-worthy, they aren't particularly hilarious or memorable. Compared to the same agency's fake trailers for Energizer a few years back, these are just plain ... uh, plain.

Still, they're amusing enough and brand-building. Is that more than most advertising can claim? Absolut-ly.

Absolut Vodka

TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York

Ad Review Rating: 3 stars

Absolut's latest cinema trailer "Bollywood" has a 10-minute version to enter in film festivals.

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