Ad Review: Voodoo they don't do so well

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Look, it's not that the voodoo gag has been done before, about four years ago, by DDB, Amsterdam, for Central Beheer insurance.

There's not much overlap between Dutch financial-services consumers and Argentine beer quaffers, so no great harm on that score in the new campaign for Brazil's Brahma beer in Argentina from CraveroLanis Euro RSCG, Buenos Aires. And it's not that the average Argentine beer drinker-think: adolescent mentality -won't be amused by the two commercials about a vengeful ex-girlfriend torturing some guy's miniature effigy with fire and pins.

Furthermore, we'll grant that when our pained hero gets really thirsty, he goes immediately for the advertised brand.

But then, in one spot, his penis gets torched, and in another, the beer spills from his bladder- and elsewhere-from voodoo-inflicted puncture wounds.

Should those annoying mishaps make us feel warmly toward Brahma beer? Some would argue that neither stab wounds to the abdomen nor penis incineration is the sort of experience you'd want associated with your brand name. In fact, we're going to go out on a limb here: As a general rule for advertisers, penis incineration is definitely an experience you don't want associated with your brand.

"Genitals on fire? Think Brahma." It doesn't have the magic.

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