AdReview: Volkswagen spot is slammin'

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This spot is about slamming doors, a subject about which the AdReview staff is most expert, as we have been flamboyantly doing so to punctuate our important ideas since we were about 12. There are mere door-slammers, and there are true matadors such as ourselves.

We are thus quite impressed with the hero of this commercial, who is - shall we say - a bit irrationally exuberant in his door closing. In the first scene, he tucks his infant in and then slams the nursery door shut. Then the medicine cabinet, the microwave, etc. He doesn't appear to be agitated, however. It's as if he has no sense of door-closing proportionality. He seems oblivious.

Which, indeed, as is ultimately revealed, he is.

That's because he owns a Volkswagen Polo, a subcompact so tight and solid that the doors slam shut with a nice muffled thump - vs. the tinny, rattling sound we associate with flimsy economy cars.

It's not a huge brand benefit, but historically -and not for no reason-the timbre of the door slam has signified the overall quality and construction of a vehicle. This spot perfectly communicates both the explicit claim and the implications thereof.

Yes, perfectly. The commercial is a gem, DAMMIT!


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