Lowe launches ad-only channel

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[London] Given the choice, one-third of Brits actively want to watch commercials, according to Lowe Worldwide London. The agency set up a channel dedicated to showing commercials to see if people would watch. Viewers were given a choice of 10 ads, all taken from the Lowe network's finest moments, and asked to vote on whether each ad was a turkey or a triumph. "It's counter-intuitive," said Guy Lambert, board account planner at Lowe. "It's difficult enough to push ads onto people, so we were skeptical about whether we could get the people to go to the ads, but we're very pleased with the positive response." Thirty-one percent of customers visited the channel, spending an average of nine minutes watching ads. Most viewers went back for a second look, but Mr. Lambert believes it would have been even more popular had the content been refreshed during the four-week trial.
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