Cream of the "Crop"

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Segura Inc.'s "Crop" series of large-format stock photo catalogs for Corbis are notable for many aspects of their design, not the least of which is typography. Hardly a surprise coming from Segura, whose T-26 digital type foundry goes back to 1994. "The type direction in the 'Crop' series demonstrates an ongoing level of respect for the craft and for those who have chosen it as a career," says Segura founder Carlos Segura, and he has plenty of acclaim to support that claim. "Crop" won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Red Dot Communication Design Awards, in Essen, Germany, and Segura Inc. was the first U.S. design firm to be so honored. In addition, "Crop" is included in the American Institute of Graphic Arts' best-of-the-year 365: AIGA Annual Design Competition 25 book, and the series garnered a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the New York Type Directors Club, which will feature "Crop" in its Typography 25 annual and the TDC's 51st awards show in New York this summer. The seven oversized catalogs in the ongoing "Crop" project "are part of a Corbis rebranding effort we've been involved with for almost two years," says Segura. "While the volumes are free, they have limited runs of 30,000 and they feature varied content in a wide range of papers and printing techniques, all in specially produced packaging. We wanted to create materials that would not only tackle our competition but also compete with the everyday onslaught of sensory input. Typography helps us carry a message that is sometimes intangible, in an understated but relevant way. I love 'tagging' a piece of work with type; it adds a level of communication that's sometimes impossible to do otherwise. The font alone can change what a page says, so it's critical to achieve the proper balance-which is what I think 'Crop' does best overall."

Client: Corbis Design: Segura Inc., Chicago CD/AD: Carlos Segura Designers: Carlos Segura, Tnop, Chris May, Dave Weik Printer: Sioux Printing

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