Aggressive Passive

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Surfing's not fun enough? Maybe it will be with PMOG. Developed by blogger Justin Hall as part of his master's thesis at USC, PMOG, or passively multiplayer online game (a play on massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft), is a free Firefox plug-in that essentially enables its users to turn their passive websurfing into ongoing social play. The plug-in installs a toolbar onto a user's browser and transforms the internet into a giant game arena: players rack up points for each URL they visit and for creating or taking on "missions," a list of sites PMOG-ers create for other participants to visit. Points earned become currency at the PMOG shop, where players can purchase virtual gifts for their friends, armor, and weapons to battle enemies. The plug-in also allows players to build up user profiles, which feature a list of allies, foes, point totals and PMOG history.
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