Canonized Design

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Phaidon Press presents an abridged catalog of the last five years of visual culture, from canvas and photography to artful wedding invitations and commercial packaging. AREA_2: 100 Graphic Designers, 10 Curators, available in June, wields the heft of a textbook and provides compelling work in a variety of graphic forms, from high-brow to mass market.

Ten curators from the international arts and design community, including PictureBox founder/publisher Dan Nadel and Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami, selected the volume's 100 best emerging graphic designers from around the world. Four image-saturated pages and a curatorial synopsis are dedicated to each designer.

The collection as a whole reveals work honed from the myriad tools of the modern artist: everything from high-tech imaging to classical watercolor and oils—overall, a solid, finite record of diverse iterations of modern design. It stands witness to the dizzying turnover in our world of images, icons and graphics—this homage to a half decade fills a book that could hold 300 years of American history.

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