Peace, Love and Underwear

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The seeds of the effort were planted last fall, when the agency launched the website of tennis star Bjorn Borg's eponymous fashion line. While showcasing the threads, the site also invites visitors to participate in various do-gooder missions, like, say, achieving world peace. How so? With their grubby underwear, of course. Bjorn Borg asks socially responsible citizens to donate their "not sexy" skivvies to send a message to purported warmongers of their choice (and then get discounts to the tennis star's fancy new line of underthings).

"The basic idea is why not get rid of all the crappy underwear lying at the back of your closet, and at the same time, make the world a better place?" says Farfar web director Per Hansson. "You send your old underwear to Bjorn Borg and mark it with the name of someone who you want to stop making wars, and when we get enough underwear, we will actually deliver it to that person. Here's our old dirty underwear, stop what you're doing!"

Last month, the underwear collection finally reached critical mass, so Farfar, along with Bjorn Borg, "head of finance" Bo (an actor/model who appears on the BB site) and Brooklyn-based production company "m ss ng p eces" decided to make a special delivery to the doorstep of the most singled-out culprit—President George W. Bush (he bested Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il and Fidel Castro).

For peace loving citizens who still have a statement to make (and underwear to spare), don't fret. "This is just the first part," says Hansson. "Please, we want more people to send in underwear. I'm going to be a little scared to look for Osama, but maybe we can send to someone else then."
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